From One Slacker To Another: Advice on Getting Things (Mostly) Done

getting things (mostly) doneThe secret to getting things done isn’t actually getting things done.

It can’t be.

Because none of us will ever have everything on our to do list checked off.

So I figure the secret to getting things done must be getting things mostly done. Because there really isn’t any other option, is there?

There is no finishing life.
There is no perfecting life.
There is no: “There, now I’ve done that.  Now I’m done.”

We’re never done.  Life will never be perfect.  There will always be another load of dishes after this one.

The secret to getting things done is to get things mostly done. Read more »

Slave To The Gym

slave-to-the-gymMy name is Rod, and I’m a workout addict.

I first experimented at age 14. A friend gave me a book about Arnold Schwarzenegger. I read it cover to cover, bought an old York Barbell set, and started lifting weights in my basement.

I was a fat kid when I started, but within a year I had completely transformed into a lean, muscular teenager. My self confidence soared, and as a result my entire life was transformed. I got a wonderful girlfriend, signed up for team sports, and gained the respect of the popular athletic kids at high school. I was hooked, and it wasn’t long before lifting weights became the crack cocaine of my teenage life.

During University and into my twenties, I spent a minimum of an hour a day in the gym, six days a week. Over the period of a decade, I developed a striking physique. I also experienced a number of nasty injuries, some of which affected my performance for years. I’ve watched friends turn to steroids and surgery as their addiction overcame them. One of my workout partners nearly died after suffering severe cramping brought on by diuretics on the day of his competition.

Over the years I’ve worked hard to developed some objectivity about my addiction.

As a result, I no longer work out to look great – I work out to live great. Read more »

The Eat Anything Diet

The Eat Anything Diet - Dailyfreedom.comNobody throws a party like my father-in-law. Especially during barbeque season.

Ridiculously thick, custom cut steaks. Iced imported beer. Hand crafted desserts. Swimming in the ocean. Sunset over the water.

At one of our recent family soirees I couldn’t help but notice that my sister-in-law had become really lean over the past few months. She looked great, like she had been on some sort of triathlon training schedule; highly toned biceps, arms and legs. And a big white smile to go with her summer tan.

Over the years, both of us have talked quite a bit about fitness, so as soon as I had the opportunity I cornered her, complimented her, and asked what kind of a diet she was on.

What she shared with me has changed how I look at food. Read more »

The 10 Minute Rule

The 10 Minute RuleWhen my son’s back slammed against the mat I couldn’t help but wince.

The 2009 British Columbia Judo Championship was something he’d been anticipating for months. He’d trained brutally hard. Avoided junk food. Kept a positive mental attitude.

But 15 seconds into his first contest, it was all over. His opponent threw him for a match winning point. That match was followed by another just like it, and then a long, cold walk to the truck for a long ride home.

So far in his 13 years of life, he hasn’t had much opportunity to practice losing. He walked away with gold at his previous tournament. He’s athletic and at ease in social situations.

But this time, I could tell he was taking it particularly hard. Read more »

The Freedom To Be Yourself – The Feelings Trap

Emotional FreedomBefore you read this, take a long, slow, deep breath. Exhale slowly, and then answer this question:

What, exactly, are you feeling?

Right. This. Very. Moment.

Whatever it is, you are feeling an emotion – an involuntary response to something that happens in your life.

Contrary to what you may have been told, you can’t command yourself to feel something. And nor can you regiment your emotions so that they will appear according to plan.

One of the most insidious snares anyone can fall into in life is when they attempt to make themselves be something they aren’t so that they will feel something they don’t. Read more »