rod-picMy name is Rod. I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with my wife and two kids. I’m a dad and a writer and a reader. I work part time at a number of jobs – I’m a residential property manager, teacher & speaker at a local church, webmaster and investor. I do a lot of pushups and a lot of smiling and I love to walk around with my dog Tobie and take pictures of stuff. I love sunshine.

Why Dailyfreedom? Well, freedom is simply the best.

I love simplicity. I love living life with options. I love going through my days knowing that I’m doing exactly what I have chosen to do that day. I love living without being enslaved by my emotions. I love being able to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities which are constantly flowing through my life.

I also know from personal experience that living a simple, fulfilling, adventurous life requires daily practice. It means you have to learn from your mistakes. You must practice being fully and completely grounded in the moment. It means getting back on your feet when you fail. It means learning how to quickly overcome negative emotions like fear, anger and discouragement.

And it also means surrounding yourself with other positive, enthusiastic, life-affirming people. Hopefully this web site will bring more of those into my life. And, perhaps I’ll be able to bring hope and liberty to others in some small way as well.